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There’s more to publishing than just editing and proofreading. As a self-publisher I had to pick up a whole suite of new skills. Some, like typesetting and marketing, come natural to me, and those are the ones I’ll be offering in addition to my other services. Just email me via contact@kiwiberry-editing.com if you want to book one of the following services. Of course, we can always discuss a package deal if needed.


Are you looking to get a print version of your book? I can help with the typesetting. Many writers use Microsoft Word to this purpose, but Word is not a typesetting software and quickly falls short when it comes to such things as kerning, avoiding word stacks, and making sure your text is neither too tightly nor too widely spaced. My program of choice is Scribus, which is an opensource alternative to InDesign.

Contrary to eBook formatting, the length of your book will determine the final price. There is a initial 75 NZD set-up fee plus 3 NZD/per page.

If you are looking to add border illustrations, fancy chapter dividers, or illustrations, please get in touch with an illustrator beforehand to provide these.

eBook Formatting

I use Sigil and Calibre for eBook formatting. Sigil is an eBook editor that allows me to code your book in html, resulting in epub format. It can then be transformed to mobi, pdf, docx, or more via Calibre.

Unless your manuscript calls for a special treatment (i.e. script style does), the length of your book doesn’t factor much into the scope of the project. Thus, I only charge a set-up fee of 75 NZD/ebook.

Creative Marketing

While I cannot provide you with a guide for paid advertisement, social media management, or newsletter marketing, I’ve made a name for myself in the German self-publishing community in terms of creative marketing. What is creative marketing? It’s a sort of virtual event to engage with your readership on social media.

Examples: “Bookflix”, which was a week-long Facebook event, showcasing eight book series with readings, prizegivings, trailers and more. “The literary winter games”, which was a five-way literary competition in creative disciplines such as “cliffhanger-jumping”, “plothole-diving”, and “poetic word-skating”.

Contact me to see what creative event we can come up with to make sure your book stands out from the crowd.


Die Wylde Jagd by Tina Skupin & Janna Ruth (published February 2020) – eBook.

Ghost Bus – Tales from Wellington’s Dark Side by Anna Kirtlan (published May 2020) – eBook & Print.

Ashuan Series by Janna Ruth (10 eBooks & 3 prints and counting) – eBook & Print.


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