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Are you looking to expand your readership and conquer the German market? Good translations not only translate your text verbatim, but make sure the text flows as easily as if it has been written by a native speaker while still maintaining your unique style of writing. I’m a German native who has spent 8+ years living, studying and working in New Zealand. I’m also an award-winning fiction writer familiar with long prose and short prose, making sure your translation is not just accurate but also engaging.

Translations take a lot of time, so to make sure we’re both happy with the project, I offer a free 1-page sample. Just email me via to discuss your needs. Prices start from 7c/word.

German Book Market

I’m a hybrid-publisher since 2017 when it comes to the German book market and happy to share my tricks and secrets with you. I’m happy to help you set up German key words for Amazon and Co., introduce you to tolino media, which is one of Germany’s leading e-book distributors, delivering your book to the independent book stores, and give you a run-down of how to market your book to the wider reading community.


Translations need (copy-)editing as well. When I translate your work, I will usually do so in two rounds (one general translation and one editing round). This does not replace a professional editor (like a writer, I’ll be text-blind after two rounds), much less a proof-reader. Please plan accordingly.
Of course, I’m happy to proofread or copy-edit any translation done by another translator for you.


While I’m more familiar with the translation of novels and short stories, I’m more than happy to have a look at your non-fiction texts for you. I cannot do any translation of legal documents, but if you’re looking for someone to translate your non-fiction novel, certain text-books (depending on necessary expertise), or small documents for your webpage, contact me to discuss your needs.

Use of DeepL Pro/AI

Like many translators, I use DeepL Pro to streamline the translation process, and deliver your books faster. Let me know if you have any questions regarding the use of AI in translation or check out the DeepL webpage. If you wish to book a translation without the use of AI, please be aware that it will take approximately twice as long and incur more costs.


Mutter by Tim Curran (published June 2019).

Die Mine by Tim Curran (published June 2019).

Die Suche nach Atlantis by Rick Chesler (published October 2019).

Glückskatze im Unglück by Katherine Hayton (published May 2021).

Samt und Sucht by Katherine Hayton (published May 2021).

Katzenklauen zu Weihnachten by Katherine Hayton (published May 2021).

Haariger Lockdown by Katherine Hayton (published June 2021).

Feenstaub & Schokomuffin by Willow Mason (published September 2021

Feenstaub & Zuckerwatte by Willow Mason (published October 2021)

Feenstaub & Eiscreme by Willow Mason (published October 2021)

Die Liebe des Greifen by Zoe Chant (published January 2022).

Die Liebe des Seewolfs by Zoe Chant (published February 2022).

Gute Fee – Böse Fee by Willow Mason (published March 2022)

Die Liebe des Blitzdrachens by Zoe Chant (published July 2022).

Die Flamme des Drachen by Zoe Chant (published August 2022).

Die Flamme des Pegasus by Zoe Chant (published January 2023).

Die Flamme des Greifen by Zoe Chant (published January 2023).

Shunned (Miskatonic Prep 1) by Steffanie Holmes (to be published in 2023)

Initiated (Miskatonic Prep 2) by Steffanie Holmes (to be published in 2023)

Possessed (Miskatonic Prep 3) by Steffanie Holmes (to be published in 2023)

Ignited (Miskatonic Prep 4) by Steffanie Holmes (to be published in 2023)

Ezaaras Drachen by Eileen Mueller (to be published in 2023)

Held der Drachen by Eileen Mueller (to be published in 2023)


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