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Every good book needs a thorough proofreading before it is ready to go out to your readers. Not sure where that comma goes? Or the difference between American English and British English? I can help you out. My languages of proficiency are German, British English and American English.

I offer proofreading for any length with focus on works of fiction, starting from 8 NZD/1000 words. Just email me via to discuss your needs.

Fast Turnaround

I read about 10.000-15.000 words a day. Once, I start reading your work, I will give you an estimate on how long it’ll take. Anything less than than 50k will be returned within a week.
You need your work back faster than that? Contact me and we’ll figure something out.

High Standard

For English texts, I refer to the Chicago Style Manual in regards to punctuation and manuscript style.
There’s no comparable work on grammar for the German language, unless you count the Duden for general spelling. But since it is my mother tongue and I’m an experienced writer, my spelling and grammar is of a high standard.


Don’t worry, I will not drag your text through another editing round. However, I won’t turn a blind eye to anything going on in the text either. If I stumble across a plot hole or find any kind of mistake, I will make a note at the side.
If you choose to rewrite a section, I’m happy to do another proofread on the changed portion of your text for a lower rate.

Previous work

Wild Hunt Casino by Tina Skupin (published February 2020).

Ghost Bus – Tales from Wellington’s Dark Side by Anna Kirtlan (published May 2020).

Circle of Souls by Lacuna Reid (reader magnet).

A Taste of Spice and Splendour by Lacuna Reid (published July 2020).

The Scent of Sage and Vengence by Lacuna Reid (published August 2020).

Facing the Shadow (Dreamweaver Book 3) vobyn Isa Pearl Ritchie (published August 2020).

The Sight of Sea and Spirit by Lacuna Reid (published September 2020).

Brand of Magic by K M Jackways (published September 2020).

The Sound of Rain and Passion by Lacuna Reid (published November 2020).

A Touch of Silk and Shadow by Lacuna Reid (published December 2020).

The Horned Queen by Lacuna Reid (published April 2021).

The Seekers Garden by Isa Pearl Ritchie (published May 2021).8


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