Launch Time! 3 – 2 – 1 … Editing!

Welcome to Kiwiberry Editing!

Happy Launch-Day!

It’s been a long time in the making, but the day is finally here! Kiwiberry Editing is going live, and to celebrate I’m offering you a 10% discount all through August!

But wait a minute! What exactly does Kiwiberry Editing offer? Well, I can tell you: a lot. Kiwiberry Editing is your one-stop editing service for editing, translation and many more. I offer everything from structural content edits to nitty-gritty proofreading, making sure that your manuscript becomes the best it can be. But there’s more! I’m a German author living in New Zealand, offering translations from English to German for your novel, short stories, or web content. Make sure to also check out my other services here.

Interested? Then flick me an email at and let me know how I can help you get your novel out there!


That’s not all, is it? I saw something about Fantasy Maps …

Indeed! Fantasy maps are my pet project. I’ve loved mapping since the fifth grade, so it’s no wonder I became a geologist and indulged myself into so-called high-risk colouring. I’m talking about mapping rock structures while scaling a cliff face (as you do). But, I’m digressing. I love fantasy maps, yet most of them aren’t actually making a lot of sense. And no, the reason isn’t “magic”. It’s a lack of geological background, which is totally fine, but something I can help you with. I offer a service of map editing, where I will analyse your map, making sure your rivers are actually flowing downhill and your mountains aren’t made of thin air. If you want to, we can also develop your map together, so flick me an email and let’s get mapping.

Errors in a fantasy map. Map's origin is the Ashuan-Series by Janna Ruth

My own humble beginnings in fantasy mapping – full of errors! (from Ashuan by Janna Ruth)

Not ready to work on your map quite yet? Make sure to follow my blog for frequent excursions into geological worldbuilding!


So, let’s get editing!

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