Fantasy Maps.

I love mapping! I first stumbled over cartography in fifth grade (we had to do a properly measured map of our school grounds) and always came back to it. Every fantasy world I imagined came with a map. It’s a great way of keeping track where your characters end up after you chased them over some hills and through a swamp. And if you can get them artfully done, it’s a beautiful and useful extra for your readers. But here comes the BUT. While beautifully drawn, many fantasy maps are put together a bit thoughtless. There is a big amount of transformation happening when you try to display a three-dimensional world in two dimensions. Mistakes happen. That’s where I come into play. I’ve got a Master in Geological Sciences with a focus on neotectonics and geomorphology. Geomorphology is the science of landscape formation: i.e. how do mountains form, what determines the run of a river or how do coastlines change. You wouldn’t publish your novel without running it by a professional editor. So, why not treat your map the same way?


Essentially, I offer two different types of services. For 50 NZD, I will take a deep look at your pre-existing map (this can be a detailed sketch only) and point out all potential mistakes such as uphill-flowing rivers or completely isolated volcanoes (I’m looking at you, Mt Doom). You will get a thorough analysis of your map. The second option (from 150 NZD) will have me developing the map with you. You tell me what features you need for your story and I’ll make it happen in a geological sound manner, resulting in a detailed sketch you can take to your illustrator. Just email me via to figure out the right package for your map.
Errors in a fantasy map. Map's origin is the Ashuan-Series by Janna Ruth
"The old world" from the Ashuan Series (Janna Ruth aka me), predating my geology degree


‘Erui’ in Der Stern von Erui by Sylvia Rieß (rerelease 2021).

‘Nimaris’ in Die Lehre des Feuers by Janika Hoffmann (released in 2022).


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