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Congratulations! You’ve finished writing your novel (or novella, short story, you name it). Now it’s time to make that work of art shine. At Kiwiberry Editing, I offer you different types of editing from nitty-gritty developmental work to the last touch of copy-editing. My preferred genres are speculative fiction (especially anything fantasy), contemporary YA, and romance, but ask me if you think my editing would be the right fit.
Not all writing and editing styles are compatible. For any longer works (10.000 words plus), I offer a free 5-page sample. Just email me via contact@kiwiberry-editing.com to discuss your needs. Prices start from 0.2c/word, depending on the current state of the manuscript.

Structural Editing

I won’t lie, I’m a big picture girl. This is my favourite stage of the process. When I’m editing your manuscript, I won’t just look whether each individual scene works, but also how they work together.
Major plot hole right before your climax? I’ve got you covered. Got a character that changes attitude without reason? I’ll straighten him out. The story keeps stalling? I’ll find the loose nut and tighten it.
Your book isn’t just a collection of great scenes, it’s a complete entity. When I edit your book, you will receive a second document that includes general points, a breakdown of your chapters, and a character analysis for all major players.

Content Editing

If your structure is firm and set, this level of editing will look at the details in each chapter. While I will still notice big picture problems (if you’ve got any left), my focus will be on whether your scenes have a good flow, your chapters end on point, and all paragraphs are absolutely necessary.
You will still get a complimentary document to analyse your chapters as a whole, but most of my edits will be in the comments on the side of your document.

Copy Editing

Your structure is sound and your content complete. Now it’s time to look at the actual words of your manuscript. This stage is also called line-editing, because I will be going through each of your lines to catch awkward expressions, favourite words that just keep popping up a bit too much, and weak verbs. This edit does not replace a proofreading stage (You can find that here). While I will catch some of the grammar and spelling mistakes, I cannot guarantee to find all of them as my focus will be on the flow of your sentence rather than your spelling.
At this stage all comments and changes are made within your document.


Wild Hunt Casino by Tina Skupin (published February 2020).

Ghost Bus – Tales from Wellington’s Dark Side by Anna Kirtlan (published May 2020).

Es war einmal … ganz anders by various authors (published November 2017).

Hollerbrunn by Tina Skupin (published March 2017).

Raven’s Haven for Women of Magic by Anna Kirtlan (published in March 2021).


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